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The core activity of our Skilled Tuition business is preparatory primary, secondary and bridging foundation and technical courses.  All teaching staff have appropriate teaching qualified studies  and are highly qualified undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students, professional and academics from very high ranking Australian Universities. 
We offer specific tuition services for your challenging assignments,  school homework and review tasks. However, we request for you to send us your assignment papers and questions at least 24 hours (or 48 hours for IB subjects) before the start of our tuition session to help us be prepared. This will greatly help us with the quality of our tuition service. 
Please consider, we may also require a school consent letter for the academic assignments or time for consultation with the school or university faculties teaching authorities . 

We have also made some funding available for disadvantaged families and students with learning difficulties. We hope that this additional support will enable students to take control and build momentum over their lifelong learning and capacity building for the coupling of the essential relationships with others.  It requires strengthen community connections via participatory school communities, non-profit organization, local community, and cultural groups to get together, collaborate, communicate and colocalize their learned values with each other. In this way, we can build the community supply chain channels for the  essential relationships related to the virtues of knowledge and care in action. The Cares Community Australia backs this. It provides the community volunteers care workers, and necessary training tools to make this happen.



Funding Grants

Subjects Covered

Currently, we cover the following subjects:

Mathematics and Statistics
Physics and Engineering

Languages: English, Japanese and Persian

Computer Courses

TAFE Education



Fees and Pricing

Individual lessons - All  rates include GST.


Face-to-Face Tuition  in our center                $35 per hour  

Face-to-Face tuition at your Place                 $40 per hour

Face-to-face Tuition at your School               $25  Per hour

(available only for years 5-10)


Online Tuition Service                                         $30 per hour



Cancellation Policy

 Skilled Tuition recognizes that sometimes our students are unable to attend a lesson. In these situations, we ask our students and/or their parents notify us of their need to cancel their tuition lesson and reschedule it for another time.


Please note a 24 hours minimum notice is required to avoid a cancellation fee of $30. For any student who does not show up to a lesson without notice or for cancellation on the day, our full rates will be charged.


We will not charge for any cancellations due to emergencies. 

With our online tuition services, you can save and still get access to our skilled tutors.




T: 0411046686  

F: 54005887

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