The team at skilled Tuition are always looking  for committed teachers, learning scholars and passionate tutors who are dedicated to our learning principles to join our team. We offer training and excellent support to all who are interested to earn extra income while helping to cultivate a humbled learning culture of scholarships dedicated to social action, personal growth and high achievement. 
By joining our team, you will have the opportunity to learn about the cognitive and meta-cognitive cycles of life-long learning and their relations to the knowledge of the cultural and civilization states through response-receptive operations in a way that mimics the mainstream school subject curriculum.  In turn, you must demonstrate an assertive knowledge of the subject matter that enable our students stamps out new patterns of thoughts, behavior and culture of learning to support the coherent lines of total efforts of the local community. You are also expected to be a skilled juggler in the sense that you should be able to keep the three spheres of your life-long learning - the material, cultural and civilization- in the air at the same time that your students are learning how to juggle one sphere at a time. If you are a passionate and motivated juggler scholar, we invited you to join our team. 
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